Dec 18 - 21

First International Hackathon througout Maldives to simultaneously Hack onsite and online

Hack Maldives is a 48hr innovation challange, where participants will come together to build something new
and exciting in a short period of time.

This will be a fun and unique opportunity to touch base with new technologies, innovative communities and career opportunities.

The hackathon ends after a pitch presentation to a panel of judges who will decide on the winner.

How it works


Participants sign up as individuals or team up prior to the event


Participants will compete by building products and pitching the solutions to a panel of judges


Prizes and certificates will be awarded to the winners

Your benefits


Winners will be awarded with prizes


Get the chance to meet our partners for potiential job opportunities

Digital Skills

In the modern workplace, digital skills are vital.

Soft Skills

You will learn how to learn, how to work as a team, how to manage a project from A to Z and how to see the opportunities in every problem.

Problem Solving Skills

Participants will learn how to determine the source of a problem and find an effective solution using technology

Collaboration Skills

Enable you to work toward a common goal with others.


Prizes and certificates will be awarded to the winners


Great opportunity to get to know and meet people who have the same curiosity as you

Innovative Thinking

Diversity of participants many new and different ideas are born to solve a particular problem

Leadership Skills

Learn to lead a by leading team towards achiveing a common goal


Be part of a supportive community



This is the track for idea submission and presenting your solution.

No Code

This is ideal if you’re interested in building products without coding.


This is ideal if you want to build products with fresh code.



The COVID-19 crisis is profoundly affecting the tourism sector

How can we reinvent the tourism and travel industry after Covid?


Smart City


Open call
for applications

18 Nov

Close call
for applications
17 Dec
Day 1
18 Dec

Opening ceremony / 4:00pm

Introduction and
Group formation / 4:45pm

Splitting up into 3 tracks / 5:00pm

Workshop: How to build a working prototype with No-code platforms by Mohamed Jailam / 8:00pm

Day 2
19 Dec

Hacking continues

Workshop: Tell it, show it: project storytelling through words and images by Francesca Cosenza / 10:00am

Workshop: Practical Entrepreneurship - Ideation by Ibrahim Mifrah / 10:00am

Breakout sessions

Day 3
20 Dec

Hacking continues

Submission open

Workshop: Enterprise Computing by Phila Phungula / 7:00pm

Workshop: Pitching Like a Pro by Meslissa Sassi / 8:00pm

Day 4
21 Dec

Hacking continues

Submissions close / 9:00am

Jury work starts / 9:00am

Closing ceremony and evaluation of output / 4:00pm

Get Involved


We aim to build open platforms especially for locals, help them grow so that we can establish business objectives driven by local support


  • What is a hackathon?

    A hackathon is a fast-paced event, where participants team up to create solutions and concepts from scratch in a short amount of time, addressing current problems. There are hackathons of various lengths and types, but one common characteristic of them is that they are centered around a specific theme.

  • Who can participate?

    18+ and you do not need to study in a programming related field.

  • How many team members can I have?

    Teams are limited to a minimum of 3 participants and a maximum number of 5 participants.

  • Do I need an idea to join?

    No, you don’t. Hack Maldives offers the opportunity for participants to connect with people from different places and develop ideas collectively.

  • What is the cost to attend?

    Early Bird Student | 250/-

    Early Bird Professional | 350/-

    Student | 350/-

    Professional | 450/-

  • Which skills do I need?

    You do not require any skills to participate! We'll teach you new skills :)

  • Can I submit my project in Dhivehi?

    No. You should use English because this is an International Hackathon

  • When and where will the event be held?

    Hack Maldives is held on-site and virtually. Location: TBA

  • Who owns the intellectual property?

    Everything that you create belongs to you!

  • Are there any prizes?

    These will not be announced beforehand, since your motivation is definitely not the prize but the amazing experience itself ;)

    There will also be an overall monetary prize for a winning team and the chance to showcase your project on stage

  • How about the evaluation criteria?

    Teams will be evaluated based on their idea, aligned to the theme of Hack Maldives

    Teams will also be evaluated based on these 4 elements: Innovativeness, Relevancy, Impact Feasibility, Execution & Design

  • Code of Conduct

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